Olay Celebrates the Fearless Women Who Are Tired of Being Told They Are ‘Too’ Anything

If you’ve ever been called “too” something—too much, too ambitious, too emotional, whatever—you know it can be a gutting experience. The insult is apparently so common, women told Olay, they’re tired of hearing it. So instead of ignoring the “too” question, Olay decided to cross it out in the creative of its new campaign from creative shop Badger & Winters, in essence de-emphasizing the “too” and encouraging women to be themselves.

“We’ve talked to a lot of women, across many different ages and mindsets, and the commonality we’ve heard is that women are tired of being judged,” explained Sara Diepenbrock, Olay senior brand manager. “That’s the underlying theme throughout all of the creative, whether it’s too this or too that.”

17 Campaigns So Good, They Made Other Agencies Jealous in 2018

Asking an agency to pick its favorite 2018 work from its own catalog is a pretty easy task. Slightly more daunting, however, is asking one to select the best ads or campaigns other agencies created throughout the year. There are thousands to choose from and, in 2018, there was a wide range of opinion on peers’ work.

Some were traditional ads, others were campaigns and activations that moved (and sometimes made fun of) culture. There were Cannes Lion winners and creative that we may see take home a Lion or two next June.

Olay’s New Campaign Features a Squad of Fearless Women Who Will Walk In NYFW Makeup-Free

Women are constantly being told not just how to look, but how to act, speak, and even think across societies and cultures around the world. It’s no wonder, then, that so many women feel they’re constantly faced with conflicting expectations on how they should look, feel, or behave. To do their part in putting an end to this damaging and never-ending internal battle, Olay is launching a new movement, hoping to inspire women to have the confidence to be unapologetically bold.

Olay on uniting celebrities and influencers for ‘Face Anything’ makeup-free push

Olay has unveiled a new purpose-led push, ‘Face Anything’, investing in a 10-page spread in Vogue’s September issue to launch the campaign alongside a makeup influencer drive.

Kicking off today, the initiative from the skincare brand wants to put an end to the idea that women are “too” anything — whether that’s “too ambitious”, “too emotional” or otherwise.

The campaign was founded on the insight that 54% of women prefer a “natural look” but 84% feel pressured to conform to the beauty standards.

Olay Goes With The ‘Flow,’ Adding Badger & Winters For New Campaign

Procter & Gamble Co.’s Olay has tapped Badger & Winters for a new #FaceAnything campaign, which breaks with a spread in Vogue and will expand to Times Square and Grand Central placements, events and social media.

Publicis Groupe’s Saatchi & Saatchiremains agency of record on Olay, which has seen a turnaround this year after years of struggles. But Chris Heiert, the brand’s North America and global VP, says he still wanted to add a shop, taking advantage of the “flow” side of P&G’s new “Fixed and Flow” model, which combines a broad agency of record with projects for other.